2019: trends and breaches


This autumn, experts have counted 5183 data breaches around the world compromising 7.9 billion records, and 2019 was claimed to be the worst in the history of data leakage.

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How to max out SearchInform services


Do you consider launching comprehensive monitoring of your internal business processes and even reinvent business continuity management strategy but aren’t sure you want to delve into risk management program and hire extra staff, assign your specialists to the new job and purchase the system to integrate it with your business architecture and implement all the control? If you do – read and learn how to establish a smoothly supervized workflow and not to the detriment of your primary activities.

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Deepfake: when audio forged by social engineering becomes a global threat


According to Gartner, by 2022 30% of all the cyberattacks could be targeted at damaging data, which is the material for neural network algorithm manipulations, as well as at the theft of ready-made machine learning examples.

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Wanted: who is the most dangerous employee in a bank?


They all work with different information, dealing with data at rest and data in use, have their own tasks and use specific instruments.

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Voice assistants risk assessment


Voice assistants became subject to investigative journalism — a few high profile publications made readers think twice before using a “helper” or even talking close to the microphone. And that is what we have learned this year.

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Data at rest encryption


Whether your data encryption is on your computer, a flash drive, on a cloud, or includes your entire disc, proper encryption and management are essential to keep your resources and data safe and ensure that you maintain compliance.

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What is a DLP system? How do active DLP systems work in 2019?


Although everyone is aware of risks that their data could be stolen, this is only the beginning of the IT risks companies must safeguard themselves from.

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Data protection


Business processes are migrating into a virtual environment, and companies have long started to keep e-document flow while introducing new management technologies.

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Data forensics


When most people hear the word “forensics”, what usually comes to peoples’ minds right away is that it will involve somebody in a lab and a white coat working long hours.

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Protecting information on flash drives | how to protect files on flash drives


A joint study of Illinois and Michigan universities revealed that 48% of people plug in random flash drives. We have selected the main points and findings which prove that the user behaviour plays an important role in protecting information.

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Risk management matrix


We take risks every day, from the moment we wake up until we go to bed at night, as they are a normal part of life.

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What is an insider threat detection program?


Although we all hope that we can trust each of our employees and that it will never happen to us, the truth is that malicious insiders are a relevant risk in today’s corporate world.

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What is data at rest?


Under the conditions of today’s digital climate, sooner or later your information will eventually find its way into the wrong hands.

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Main aspects of information security


Corporate security is not a new phenomenon. What we now understand as corporate security has existed since the emergence of trade. Merchants sought to protect their professional secrets from competitors in order not to lose profits.

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Security risk management assessments


Security risk assessments are performed for the purpose of identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing risks associated with a company’s use and operation of information systems to its operations and assets.

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Employee monitoring issues


Business ethics are the contemporary norms, set of values, and principles guiding the actions and behavior of employees at the companies they work for from a legal and moral standpoint.

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Employment of friends and relatives


The Sales Department had not been fulfilling a plan for three months. The reasons were unobvious: it was a business season, and there were no issues with the discipline and skills of the employees, but the number of deals has decreased.

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Detection and mitigation of internal corporate risks


The meaning of risk is the possibility of loss. Thus, what risk management entails is the process of identifying, analyzing, assessing, and prioritizing risk.

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Risk assessment matrices


With the plethora of risks that accompany running a business, it is much more practical to have everything organized in written form or, better yet, in the form of diagrams for a concrete, concise representation of which risks the company faces as well as the severity of them.

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Email monitoring


As much as companies try to foster a culture of positivity in the corporate environment, put all sorts of system limitations in place, and emphasize strict company policy to keep employees from engaging in things they shouldn’t be doing, fraud still goes on, and it is rampant, hence the demand for email monitoring.

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Configuring DLP system


The installation of a DLP system can be managed even by a novice system administrator. However, its fine-tuning requires some skills and experience.

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Web activity monitoring


In the technology era in which employers are looking to squeeze everything out of their employees that they can and optimize business efficiency to the max, a plethora of process optimization industries have sprouted up that offer to facilitate businesses’ success.

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Remote employee monitoring


As of late, there has been a great rise in employers’ desire to keep as close an eye on their employees as possible and analyze their activities in-depth to achieve the best idea of the level of their performance and the degree to which they are complying with policy.

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User behavior analytics


Given the widely known and harnessed power of data analytics, companies utilize all sorts of information on their customers for a variety of purposes. Many use this information to most efficiently allocate their marketing expenses.

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Fundamentals of IS | Fundamentals of IS. data protection


The founder of cybernetics Norbert Wiener believed that information has the unique characteristics and cannot be described as neither energy nor matter. A special status of information as a phenomenon resulted in a proliferation of definitions.

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User activity monitoring


The more that a company knows about its workers, the more it can harness that knowledge to propel the business’ success to the next level. Employers do not want to leave productivity up to chance.

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Internal auditing


It goes without saying that efficiency is one of the most basic ingredients of a successful business and there is always room to ameliorate.

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Insider threat statistics


A company having its secrets and confidential information stolen, its funds robbed, or damage caused to it is an ever-present threat that companies may take appropriate measures to avoid.

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HR investigations


Although the primary function of a human resources department is to recruit and train personnel, there are many situations in the workplace that HR has to deal with, including ethics breaches and company policy violations.

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IS Worldwide | The problems of information security in the world


By information security, we mean a set of organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection, integrity, accessibility and manageability of data arrays.

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Extremist activity in the team


The department head noticed that an employee’s work had changed for the worse.

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Shell companies and drug network


Company N called for a tender for preparation of design estimate documentation. At the stage of receiving requests the company found out that one of their employees had attempted to participate too.

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Employee productivity


Every bit of what makes a company successful comes from work implemented through the actions of a company’s employees.

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How to digitize human factor


Prevention is the key process of incident management – it is better to discover reasons and sources of a possible security breach than to fight consequences. Potential insiders are not easy to detect, and general data safety approach including basic instruments are not sufficient to reveal a violator.

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Computer forensics


When you discover that your enterprise has been victimized by cybercrime or breached, your first thought is to seek out the origin of the crime.

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Business continuity


Considering the significant amount of money most people have invested in their businesses, it is important that the full rewards of it can be reaped.

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Search for a new job


An employee was viewing vacancies on his corporate computer and receiving invitations to job interviews sent by business competitors. A company's risk manager detected the suspicious activity and took the employee under control.

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Insider threat tools


While all the hype about unknown threats breaching a company’s privacy, stealing its confidential information and company secrets, purposefully inflicting damage to its public image, and robbing it of its funds is worth keeping in mind to protect against, the losses that would result from that actually occurring are not as great as most people believe.

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Distribution of negative opinion


The system detected the correspondence between colleagues discovering one of the employees being outraged by the incentive system and other aspects of the management approach to employees.

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Data security and data encryption in business


Encryption involves a plain text being coded into “encrypted” form using a cipher text and then being “decrypted” with a cipher text by the recipient on the other end.

Encryption Cloud

Corporate fraud investigations. Fraud security & protection


Corporate fraud could be defined as a loss to a corporation due to deceitful management. These schemes are often marked by their complexity and economic impact.

Third party Fraud Investigation

What is Risk Mitigation Strategy? Define Risk Evaluation Plan


To define risk mitigation, let us first specify what risk is. “Risk” is the possibility of loss. Thus, risk mitigation entails a concentrated effort to reduce adverse effects.

Risk management Risk assessment Investigation

What is Risk Management? Solutions, Strategies, Services & Tools


Anyone who has ever been involved in business knows that there is risk everywhere. What is risk management?

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How to Reduce Internal and External Threats to Organizations


With the current state of the global economy and employees feeling ever more pressure, internal security threats are on the rise.

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Illegal business arrangements


Employees can create their own legal entities that will interact with an employer company. For example, fraudsters can use their job positions and promote their own enterprise as a counterparty and at the same time offer disadvantageous terms and conditions of cooperation.

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What is Fraud Detection? Fraud Detection Software & Solutions


From advancing computing speeds to high-performance analytics to machine learning and other forms of AI, fraud prevention technology has come a long way.

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Using personal mailbox


Sending confidential details from corporate to personal email

What is Employee Monitoring Software or Employee Tracking System?


Do you know what your employees are up to? Businesses are well aware that gaining a good understanding of what their employees are up to can work wonders in raising their work efficiency.

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Information Security Threats


Information security in the broadest sense is a combination of means to protect information from accidental or deliberate exposure.

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Information Security Incident Management | IS Incident Management


The system of data leakage protection is based, above all, on the detection, prevention, registration and mitigation of information security incidents or events that violate regulated procedures.

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Protection Against Information Leaks | Organization the protection of information from leakage through technical channels


We reviewed the results of the study related to the leakage of financial and other corporate confidential information.

DLP Confidential documents Devices

How to Choose a DLP System


The global market of information security tools offers a wide range of DLP systems (Data Leak Prevention). And the demand for them is only growing.

DLP Investigation

Identifying terror threats


The correspondence of employees in the corporate chat was intercepted. The employees were discussing the war in Syria, and one of them spoke negatively of Russia’s role in the conflict.

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Methods to Protect Information | Methods and Tools for Data Protection


Computer data is prone both to loss due to malfunction or destruction of equipment, and to theft. Protection methods include the use of hardware and devices, as well as specialized technical tools with software.

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DLP systems | What is a DLP system, and how does it work?


As of today, the market of DLP systems is one of the fastest growing among all markets of information security tools.

DLP Employee monitoring

Concept of DLP Systems | What is a DLP system?


DLP software is used to protect confidential data from internal threats. However, even if information security specialists adopted protection tools and use them against external violators, struggle with internal violators is more challenging.


Using personal mailbox


A car center employee was caught sending sensitive data from corporate to personal email.

Email Confidential documents Risk management

Personal data leakage


The risk management department noticed that one of the dentists of the state clinic used to send to his personal email cards with health data.

Database Email Employee monitoring

Communication with competitors


An employee received a message with an offer to meet and discuss “some common issues”.

Messengers, social media, apps Insider Employee monitoring

Leakage of a customer database


A security policy response attracted the attention of the risk managers responsible for monitoring to the abnormal activity of an employee who accessed the customer databases that include the information on individuals.

Database Confidential documents

Attempt to leak tender documentation


The results of the monitoring revealed that the employee was ordered to send the document to this email address by his manager.

Email Confidential documents Investigation

Leakage of a supplier database


The study of user relations made it possible to establish that the employee transmitted information to her husband who had a plot with the company's competitors.

Cloud Database Confidential documents



An employee logged into the personal mailbox from the corporate computer – a DLP system automatically "scanned" the last sent and received emails.

DLP Email

Leakage of a company's business plan


With the help of the integrated policies the system alerted to a suspicious activity - one of the employees discussed the company's short-term development plans with an unknown user via Skype.

Former employees Messengers, social media, apps Confidential documents

Leaking the company's know-how


The risk management department found confidential files on the computer of an employee who wasn't authorized to access them. Moreover, when the incident happened, the employee was on vacation.

Confidential documents DLP

Fraud Detection & Prevention Software: Business, Accounting, Banks


If most people were asked if stealing is wrong, they would answer “Yes”. In spite of this, organizations all over the world lose about 4 billion dollars to fraud on an annual basis.

Fraud Risk assessment Risk management

How to Prevent Identity Theft & Fraud. Types of Corporate Frauds.


Avoiding corporate fraud is no easy task considering the great variety of forms of embezzlement and deception that may take place. In the past 20 years, over 1,000 executives have been convicted of corporate fraud.

Fraud Employee monitoring Investigation

Attempt to leak the local network topology


The risk management department spotted one of the lawyers copying the document with the schemes of local networks and communication of the company to the personal flash drive.

Encryption Employee monitoring DLP