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Former employee of a New York hospital exposes coworkers' and patients' data

A former employee of a hospital in New York City pled guilty to fraudulent activity.


Ring doorbells owners' data got breached

Ring tackles a personal data breach


Honda's second breach since August

Honda has got breached exposing a massive amount of personal data for the second time since August.


1 million users got their web activities exposed

890 GB of browsing records which could be easily attributed to individuals were compromised by a web filter software developer.


Healthcare in 2019

2019 medical data breach highlights


Broadlink fires an insider

Broadlink has recently dismissed an employee who pled guilty to device theft and data exposure.


Ericsson can pay up to $1 billion for bribing officials

Ericsson company is to pay a $1 billion fine admitting to bribing government authorities during 17 years.


Internet resources valued at $54,000,000 compromised due to an insider activity

The resources were stolen and put up for sale on the black market.


Nebraska Medicine fired the employee for unauthorised access

An employee at Nebraska Medicine was dismissed after the unauthorised access to patients’ data was discovered.


TrueDialog got its database with millions of accounts exposed

Account details and messages got compromised due to an unencrypted database


Gun buyback programme exposes tens of thousands New Zealanders

The costly programme compromised personal data of New Zealand citizens


Data of 1 million T-Mobile users leaked

The average cost of a data breach keeps growing


WeWork employees leaked clients' contracts the company launched a redundancy process


72% of retailers have dealt with data breaches

Some recent statistics on retail facing data breaches


Disney accounts hacked hours after service launch

Personal data was leaked during the first several hours of the service operating.


Maxed out server led to data breach discovery

From May 2014 to March 2016 InfoTrax Systems was affected by a violator more than 20 times.


Google fires an insider

An employee leaking data to the reporters has been dismissed.


Bulk email leaked data of 2,000 students

Human error keeps affecting organisations’ reputation.


Trend Micro employee leaks a corporate database

Trend Micro, a cyber-security solutions worldwide provider, has been breached


Vedantu compromised details of 687,000 users

Companies keep dealing with consequences of unprotected databases stored in the cloud


3 million UniCredit clients got their data leaked

The popular European bank contributed €2.4 billion to increase cybersecurity level


Adobe Creative Cloud users had their data breached

Unprotected database is detected and reported to Adobe


Autoclerk database breached data of US military employees

Misconfigured databases in the cloud keep being a relevant security issue.


Half of respondents are more cautious about personal data usage than a year ago

Ping Identity has provided markets with the new research


CenturyLink Inc. has its database breached

Databases in MongoDB cloud storages keep being breached


The new research shows human factor as the sharpest spike a business can be punctured with

Cyber Insecurity: Managing Threats From Within study surveyed 300 C-suit specialists


Defense Intelligence Agency's insider faces a prison sentence

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency brings to justice their offender who leaked classified information to journalists.


92 million Brazilians’ data leaked

Almost half of Brazil population got their personal data breached to a few members-only forums on the dark web.


Standard DLP is inefficient against insider threats, according to the new research

Standard DLPs which primary concern of is limited by not letting employees send data outside the network aren't efficient


Ensure confidentiality while printing documents

According to the recent Shred-it study, negligence represents one of the key reasons for data breaches.


Former Yahoo employee breaches 6000 accounts

A former Yahoo employee was searching for the sexual content of users among who there were his friends and colleagues.


September highlighted 2019 breach list

Data breaches caused by the very companies which were affected hit the biggest numbers of leaked records


DoorDash food delivery service has data of 4.9 million people leaked

4.9 million customers, employees and the company’s independent contractors had their personal data compromised.


Half of employees admit that staffers retain access rights which they are no longer authorised to keep

52% of employees who were reassigned to other jobs still have access to the data which isn’t related to their new tasks.


Malindo Air customer databases leaked by a contractor

Reportedly 30 million Malindo Air passengers got their data compromised in a third-party leak.


Major data leak reveals sensitive details of Russian telecoms

The exposed information on telecoms used for surveillance became public by a Nokia employee.


All Ecuador citizens were affected by a recent data breach

More than 16 million people in Ecuador got their data exposed in an online leak


UNICEF compromised personal data of 8,253 users

UNICEF online learning portal Agora created an email and sent it to almost 20,000 portal users


One company, one year, 238 breaches

238 data breaches were registered during 2018-2019 at the Countess of Chester Hospital


Two booking services breached customer data

Option Way and Teletext Holidays exposed their clients' data


Former FBI director keeps bureau information at home

Former FBI director, James Comey, took confidential data home after he left the bureau.


A Ukrainian crypto miner is to pay for his activity

An employee sabotaged the plant's work


MoviePass cardholders' data was affected

The database with more than a hundred million records was exposed


Google and Apple halt employee processing audio recorded by voice assistants

Google and Apple suspend reviewing of audio recorded by voice assistants for recognition enhancement.


JIRA exposes corporate data of Google, Yahoo and NASA

NASA, Yahoo, Google, Zendesk, Informatica, 1password, Lenovo, and some government institutions got their data open to public


Capital One is to explain the leak to Congress

House and Senate committees are going to unfold a serious investigation procedure


Deutsche Bank former employee sent 450 emails from his account

An equity sales person still had the access to the corporate email after being dismissed


NAB faces two major data breaches in three years

National Australia Bank is to revise its information security mechanisms


Equifax will pay $700 million to cover the 2017 breach impact

The company has signed a settlement to manage all the lawsuits brought due to the data breach which occurred in 2017.


Google's contractor leaks confidential audio data

A language expert who was to enhance Google Assistant breached more than a thousand audio files


160,000 CVs leaked to Taobao by Zhaoping ex-employees

It took investigation specialists a year to bring the case to trial


Magnasoft Consulting ex-employees took confidential data with them

10 months ago the company was informed about the leak by a client, and only now the details get exposed.


A contractor of NSA is to face 9 years of sentence

The incident is said to outdo the case stirred up by Snowden


Top secret classified documents taken home by a contractor at the NASIC

An investigation of a marijuana case brought to the discovery of highly confidential files at the house of a contractor


Personal data of Hong Kong police officers has been leaked

Eight people have been arrested for exposing officers’ personal data online.


More than a terabyte of data has been exposed for an unknown period of time

Attunity, a data management company, has compromised loads of information stored in Amazon S3 buckets


Equifax employee sentenced to four months for inside trading

Equifax and UBS former employees are facing a sentence and a fine


McAfee's employees take trade secret to Tanium

McAfee brings a lawsuit against three former employees for leaking the confidential data to a competitor


Taiwan’s civil service system reports data of 240,000 civil servants compromised

The agency is to comply with Personal Information Protection Act and Cyber Security Management Act


645,000 Oregon residents had their personal data leaked

“Most client information involved in the breach was in email attachments,


An employee leaked data of 2.9 million Desjardins' members

Desjardins, the largest federation of credit unions in North America, has headlined data leak news


Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau Inc. files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The breach has made the company to begin liquidation process


Two breaches bring to company's shut down

LandMark White has been suspended twice and is looking for the reinstatement


PHI is the juiciest type of data according to the researchers

Personal Health Information (PHI) appears to be more profitable than other kinds of personal details


71% of the C-level are willing to cover up data leaks

whereas 61% of IT specialists claim they would hide the details of a data breach


HCL leaks confidential data, Instagram exposes the data of most popular users

India’s third-biggest IT services company leaks employees' data and project details, Instagram should check the security level of third-parties


Google's amplifying monitoring measures

Employees have been reminded about the changes to the data security policy they hadn't been informed before


Private health proves to be one of the most affected sectors

Australian report and phishing in Oregon


Uber might face a GDPR fine

Drivers demand that the charges are brought against Uber


A Chinese developer sent to prison for leaking the code to GitHub

A former DJI employee fined $29,000 and faces a 6-month sentence


130 million hotel clients got their data leaked

Huazhu Hotels Group has leaked data of their customers, Cathay Pacific are to avoid penalties


Five Republican senators got their data maliciously exposed

A former system administrator in the office of Senator Hassan exposed the personal details in response to his dismissal


The London Borough of Newham fined £145,000 for leaking Gangs Matrix

A Newham Council employee sent an email with unedited confidential data to 44 external organisations


Former employees get sued for leaking data to KPMG

Staff members of the accounting oversight body took the jobs at KPMG and brought the inspection information details with them


An employee leaks a file with patients' data

An employee at Chicago Rush Medical Center leaks clients' details to a third party


Dow Jones leaks the watchlist

"Special interest persons" and suspicious profiles got exposed by a third party


A former employee leaks data

Devices with 800,000 entries were seized by officials


Xinjiang residents got their movements tracked and exposed

A data leak identified by a Dutch expert revealed China tracking more than 2.5 million people in Xinjiang.


500px leaks data of 15 million users

Email help[@] and get your data sent to you within 72 hours


Eskom exposes customer data

Confidential details have been accessible for several weeks


State Bank of India fixes an unprotected server

Millions of 740,000,000 bank clients got their data exposed


HIV-positive statuses get leaked in Singapore

14,200 records were compromised. Experts from Asia, Europe, and North America discover the amount of money spent on old IT hardware


The biggest U.S. broker dealer exposes advisers' data unprotected Elasticsearch server got discovered, Twitter disregards its own privacy settings


Oman’s Public Prosecution raises data usage awareness

While Singapore Health Services pay 1 million Singapore dollars due to a major patient data leak


NASA leaks staff and project data

Jira server has been put at risk due to misconfiguration


German politics get their data leaked

The breach isn't regarded as a political crime though

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