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GDPR compliance with SearchInform

SearchInform solutions follow core objectives of personal data protection: facilitate regulatory compliance, storage and data processing control, monitor user activities with regards to sensitive information. More than 10 years of the company’s experience is focused on saving information from being altered, damaged or transferred outside the company perimeter. GDPR challenges businesses’ approach to collecting and processing customers’ data posing the biggest issue with regard to gathering sensitive information. According to the regulation, data must be collected and used exclusively for the purposes officially stated by the company. Obtaining more information than it is conditioned by a business’ and clients’ needs demands that a company report any activity concerning data storage and processing.

SearchInform facilitates access rights management and shaping of policies which limit excessive data collection and sharing among company employees or third party contractors.

SearchInform solutions monitor all data flows, detect the transfer of personal data and react to all cases of unauthorised transfer or access to such information.

SearchInform products analyse and visualise any movement of sensitive data in details, from the moment of file creation to its distribution.

What can a company do?

  • Reconstruct an incident in the tiniest details
  • View detailed log of user actions
  • Identify the employee violating the policies

GDPR demands the breach to be reported within 72 hours. SearchInform functions in real time automatically analysing data flows and alerting to incidents.

GDPR emphasises the importance of safe data storage and its strict rules demand that European users should be given every detail about their personal data processing at their request: location, purpose, categories, third parties.

Penalty for non-compliance

A company found guilty in non-conformity to GDPR provisions might be fined up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover – whichever is greater.

The “right to be forgotten” makes companies be fully aware of the information they store and where it might reside.

Information can be requested from a database by any user if there is no proper access management, exported to a file in order to store it on a PC or in the local network. In case user activity isn't monitored sensitive documents become available to accounts unauthorized to use the data or might get leaked outside the company. SearchInform software makes you aware of where confidential data resides, who accesses it and how it is sent to external sources.

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SearchInform products can identify documents as sensitive by analysing their content, detect whether they are protected from unauthorised access and use, monitor databases and audit cloud storage and file sharing services.

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