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Data Protection in the Cloud

The Current State of Data Security

Are your protecting your data sufficiently? With the added security level, convenience, and the growing popularity of storing data on the cloud along with other cloud services that offer such features as greater scalability and cost minimization, many people don’t realize that their data still could still be hacked or stolen. This is possible if a criminal has the individual’s or organization’s password or manages to obtain the encryption key. The encryption key is either stored by the cloud service itself or the individual. In the event that the key is stolen from the organization, the individual might not actually find out that has occurred. More and more sensitive data is going to the cloud now and not only may companies not be protecting data of their own ideally – protecting the data of their customers and partners will require an even more vigilant approach.

Security team with Objectives

Security innovations and strict compliance are key in achieving the utmost security for your cloud data. You should have a system in place to receive alerts immediately when there has been an attempt to access sensitive data or any unorthodox phenomena. You should have frequent compliance trainings for your employees on how to handle certain types of data in certain situations, particularly health and financial data. Always make sure you choose a cloud service that handles data privacy differently depending on whether they’re classified as critical, important, or standard data. This secure categorization is very important. Furthermore, you need to arrange a mode of access for the apps your customers use so that they are tightly connected to the cloud service as well as ensuring that all the processes are controlled and each scenario is accounted for. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice customer convenience. The app mustn’t interfere with the user experience, which is one of the main focuses of a quality service.

Intelligence, Visibility, and Auditing

There are other reasons why tracking what type of information is stored in your system and the past operations you’ve conducted is important. Companies want to ensure that their security services are efficient and perform well, they want to know how resources are being spent, and they need to gather data in the event that they have to prove the veracity of their data or their innocence should an incident occur. Thus, companies are well-advised to keep audit readiness reports. A cloud service can automate logs, summaries, and audit readiness reports to account for this need. The visibility that automated charts and graphs provide offer useful, opportune information. A high-quality cloud service provides employees update logs as soon as they open a file as to when the last time it was edited. Other log entries include such events as files being uploaded, where it came from, timestamps, or the details of a compute engine starting up.

Database as a Service (DBaaS)

The major cost of storing and processing large amounts of data, both in equipment and power, is it poses a major up-front investment and risk for a company. Database as a Service (DBaaS) on the cloud saves your business the necessity of buying its own equipment and also scales the amount of resources it’s using up or down so that it always has enough capacity and never uses too much. Database as a Service also frees up employees to take care of other tasks while operations such as security, tracking, backups, recovery, optimization, and patching can be handled by the third-party. A DBaaS security team with AWS certification is a good criterion for selecting a competent service for your cloud data. A security team with many years of policy adherence discipline and broad professional capabilities is also very helpful.

Cloud Data Security Team Operations

One essential capability of specialized database management outfits is that outsourced security teams can respond immediately in the event that their system has alarmed them of irregular activity during automated monitoring. Meanwhile, their database center will conduct an analysis among millions of patterns. They will then call the customer and inform them what they need to do in order to gain visibility in the cloud. However, the most important concern that a business should have in the interest of ensuring a secure environment is the way that its own employees handle data.

Cloud data security: covering your bases. There are other risks when it comes to dynamic data security on the cloud. The most important data should be stored on external drives and as remote copies in the event that they are lost, since, in addition to the possibility of a disaster, people could simply forget their password and would no longer be able to access their account. Furthermore, you mustn’t forget to establish identity access management (IAM) so that only employees with security clearance or who work in a particular immediate field are able to access certain classifications of data.

Dynamic Monitoring Environment

Many public organizations, particularly those handling massive amounts of data, fail to enact effective compliance and access controls and thus fall victim to hackers. The city of Baltimore, for example, had its systems taken for ransom and had to suffer major financial losses due to its inability to access its public data. Compliance analysis audit tools can help continuously monitor your business based on the latest trends and can inform you of both risks for cyber criminals as well as regarding your compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR. There are so many potential settings for your cloud data that could be continuously undergoing establishment that they require continuous security evaluation. This is what makes visibility tools indispensable. To fulfill personal identification requirements, in addition to protecting data, automated tools can be used to promptly delete data being stored on individuals upon their request or inform them of how their data is being handled.

Digital transformation programs. Companies are well aware that automation and delegation of time-consuming processes are catalysts of success in the modern world. So as long as companies have vigilantly addressed security risks, they shouldn’t shy away from going digital. Digital transformation programs offer connectedness with your customers and more time to focus on content and improvement of your core product.

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