Information security of telecommunication systems

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The need for fast and high-quality communication has stimulated the rapid growth of telecommunication systems. The issues of their information security have generated the need for high-level specialists.

Telecommunication system concept

A telecommunication system is understood as a system of communication channels connecting subscribers. Among the elements of the systems:

  • objects of IP telephony;
  • computer modems;
  • satellites;
  • fiber optic cables.

The systems can serve a corporate network, and can connect hundreds of thousands and millions of users. Physical channels are not protected from unauthorized connections or physical destruction. Also, the understanding of the TS includes the principles of its design in accordance with modern information security standards. In a number of cases, telecommunication networks, subject to their importance for the region, are classified as critical information infrastructure objects.

Telecommunications security issues

A number of universities in the country have introduced a specialty of interest to employers: "Information security of telecommunication systems." A professional in this area should:

  • create and provide information protection for the IP-telephony information system;
  • guarantee the absence of data leaks in any format;
  • carry out maintenance of telephone networks;
  • apply modern means and technologies for protecting data and physical infrastructure elements;
  • know the current GOSTs and foreign standards that describe the processes of protecting information systems.

A vehicle specialist will be in demand in the company's security service, telecommunications business, and government agencies. After all, the organization of high-quality and secure communication is a prerequisite for the stable work of an organization.