Road Show SearchInform 2019 - Insider Risk and Fraud - SearchInform

Road Show SearchInform 2019 –
Insider Risk and Fraud

April 9, 2019

10:30 – 13:00

Secnovate, Block D, Hurlingham Office Park,

Woodlands Avenue, Hurlingham Manor, Johannesburg

April 11, 2019

10:30 – 13:00

Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers, Corner of Century

Boulevard and Rialto Rd, Century City, Cape Town

Security and risk management leaders must be aware of the increasing concern over employee malfeasance and deploy solutions to discretely gather evidence. Vendors are increasing analytics capabilities, allowing them to not only act as investigative tools but also to alert on high-risk behaviors. *Gartner



Insider Risk and Fraud

  1. Insider threats

    • Types of threats, challenges for risk managers
    • Corporate culture – trust and suspicion are to be balanced
    • Insider threat lifecycle and scenarios: prevention, detection, response
  2. Employee monitoring and fraud prevention

    • The impact of insider risks
    • The instruments and techniques to prevent accidental and deliberate violations
    • Comprehensive approach: 5 roles and multiple objectives
      • Internal Control
      • Internal Audit
      • Information Security
      • Risk Management
      • Human Resources
  3. Real life case studies

    • Experience and tactics while protecting your business
    • Practical application
  4. Unconventional tasks for Risk Monitor

    • Relevant policies
    • Incident examples
      • Document forgery, reputation risks
      • Aiding hackers, disclosing sensitive information
      • Fraud, sabotage
      • Extremism, addictions


Sergey Ozhegov

Sergey Ozhegov

Chief Executive Officer of SearchInform

For over a decade Sergey has been contributing to the company’s success, handling business processes and strategic decision making. Sergey is a co-founder of annual SearchInform Road Show

Jim Green

Jim Green

Chief Technology Officer at Secnovate

Jim has a 40-year experience in technology and information system engineering, security, program and IT management across Cryptography, Aerospace, Micro-electronics and Telecommunications.

Sergey Ozhegov

Andre Grove

Technical Director of CONDYN

Andre’s team has been providing Sub-Saharan Africa with various security products including risk and compliance systems for more than 20 years.


SearchInform is one of the leading risk management product developers. For over a decade the company has been a technological trailblazer focusing on contemporary cybersecurity threats, protecting business and government institutions against data theft, harmful human behavior, compliance breaches and incomplete audit.

More than 2000 companies across all major economic domains, from banking and retail to machinery and fighter jet manufacturers, count on SearchInform regarding efficient holistic risk management solution defending against ever-improving threats and allowing you to avoid ominous consequences.


CONDYN is an internationally accredited Risk and Compliance Solutions Provider that prides itself on delivering superior Risk and Compliance solutions to both corporate and government business in sub-Saharan Africa. CONDYN has competent professionals on board and, together with their Vendors and Channel Partners, they ensure that customer satisfaction is on time, every time.


Secnovate is a Cyber Security Services and Solutions provider offering a full range of both Turn-key and Tailor-made Information Security Consulting, Research, Training, Testing and Customized Technology solutions to Governments, Quasi-Government, Corporations, Enterprises and Companies worldwide.



Mobile/WhatsApp: +375 (25) 7087769

Skype: live:y.mustafa_7


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