Why does healthcare require the severest cybersecurity measures?


Innovations are designed to improve the quality of service and save time for patients and doctors, however, doctors and patients realize how vulnerable medical information is.

2020 infosec in pictures


You've been with us all this year and you remember all 2020 news we've shared with you. Let's smile and frown at it together!

Fraud Personal data Risk management

FAQ: Frequently Asked and Finally Answered


15 questions the monitoring solution developer responds to during seminars.

Employee monitoring Productivity Cloud

How much can a GDPR breach cost you?


Non-compliance could cost companies dearly

Compliance Risk management Personal data

(In)secure digest: Tesla sabotage, hospital blackmailer and excessively patriotic President


Every month we enrich our collection of classic and non-trivial cybersecurity cases. Data leaks, frauds, sabotage, and other incidents caused by insiders are of our interest.

Human factor Risk management Confidential documents

Indian companies chose cloud


83% of companies chose cloud to deal with cybersecurity issues of remote work quick

Cloud Employee monitoring Remote employees

How much can a former employee cost you?


Keeping the accounts of dismissed employees active and failing to revoke excessive rights might be one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.

Employee monitoring Confidential documents Compliance

(In) Secure digest: the science of information security, death cyberattack, and bank leaks


We collected "classic" and non-trivial incidents reported by foreign media

Risk assessment Devices Risk management

10 questions about the DLP system: why do I need it, what can I do, and what can't I do?


Today DLP system’s purpose is not just monitoring data leaks as it was in the beginning - now DLP systems are commonly used to solve a much broader list of problems.

DLP Employee monitoring Risk management

Rights and wrongs when creating profile


How can you analyse employee personality and steer clear of breaching privacy?

Employee monitoring Personal data Compliance

Data breaches analysis


SearchInform analysed breaches that occurred in the first half of 2020.

Personal data Risk management Compliance

Database Monitor access control management


SearchInform Database Monitor is a database activity monitoring software, which purpose is to mitigate an insider breach.

Database Employee monitoring Risk management

Data Protection in the Cloud


Security innovations and strict compliance are key in achieving the utmost security for your cloud data.

Database Cloud Risk management

The Darwin Awards in Information Security World


...or 7 stories about stupidity, careless work, credulity and their consequences

Risk management Human factor Risk assessment

What is confidential information and how does it affect your finances?


There is an edifying example, which proves common knowledge that there is many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip.

Confidential documents Compliance Personal data

Use case: user behavior and insider detection


Insider threat is a tough and quirky menace to track down and pin.

Confidential documents Investigation Internal audit

Use case: eDiscovery


Proper information governance facilitates data search and analysis required for internal investigation.

Confidential documents Investigation Internal audit

Use case: file cleanup


In order to transform disorganized data into valuable insights you certainly need a powerful tool, which will assist you in file analysis ensuring frequent information verification.

Confidential documents Personal data Internal audit

Ensuring security and compliance in multi-departmental teams


As different departments have their own specific risk management frameworks they lack correlation and coordination - enterprise risk management ensures consistency.

Risk management Compliance Confidential documents

If a data breach - then data protection tips


A detailed check-list of actions to take in order to save the data

Two important data protection questions to answer: Why and How to protect data at rest, in motion and in use


A short explanation why to protect your sensitive data, types of data and advice on how to protect data at rest, in motion and in use.

Key features of employee monitoring software


Are you sure that your employees do not goof off? Are you sure your employees are not idling away precious hours of productivity they rather spend on work-related tasks?

Employee monitoring Risk assessment Personal data

User activity audit, investigation


There are so many contextual factors to sift through that actually finding the newest threat and eliminating it is an encumbering job.

Investigation Internal audit Risk assessment



Regulatory internet data laws you should be aware of and maintain compliance with

Compliance Personal data Confidential documents

Use case: access control and change management


The solution boosts risk assessment ensuring that access rights are properly managed and privileged user activity is under control, data access policies are in place and kept updated.

Risk management Compliance Internal audit

Data protection and classification


The massive impact of access to your data being obtained and an outsider security risk materializing cannot be overstated.

Access rights audit


Our data need insurance, and just like we have to cover every other potential risk that we couldn’t afford compensating for if it materialized, we need to conduct a security audit of our sensitive data.

Impactful data breaches in 2020 so far


Sometimes people do the simplest cyber security mistakes, namely, misconfiguring a database or using the same password for their bank account that they used for their social media

Life changing risks pentesters take to help you boost security (cont.)


The very courthouse that they broke into last night and now they’re sitting in the courthouse waiting to see the judge.

Investigation Risk assessment Third party

Life changing risks pentesters take to help you boost security


Conducting a penetration test on a courthouse and defending in front of a judge in the same building a few hours after – this is what happened to two pentesters working under contract.

Risk assessment Third party Investigation

Businesses’ role in cyber security and threat prevention


The financial service company sector is targeted more than any other industry, as attacks against them account for over a quarter of cyberattacks.

Personal data Compliance DLP

Mobile device encryption


Businesses realized the important role devices play as long ago as 2004, thus giving rise to mobile device management, a set of tools and practices that allow administrators to manage devices, apps, and increase device security.

Encryption Devices Risk management

How to stop hackers


Hacking isn’t quite as flashy as in the movies and it takes a major time investment on the criminal’s part, however it is every bit as damaging and threatening to companies as it is portrayed

Insider Employee monitoring Risk management

Corporate espionage


A little-known evil that is occurring today is the phenomenon of industrial espionage. In fact, this is a problem that has been around for quite some time.

Fraud Internal threat Insider

Internet privacy laws and regulations


One of the greatest challenges in the world today is making the Internet a secure place.

Compliance Database Risk management

The cloud services revolution


Conducting software and web operations is an expensive endeavor indeed.

Cloud Database Encryption

The information security team


Cyber criminals are working very hard to discover top-secret company information in order to sabotage it or sell the information to other companies.

Risk management Risk assessment Internal threat

Security in an ever more connected world


We live in a world that is forever shrinking, and the more connected we become to the things in our environment, the more convenient our errands and everyday work become.

Devices Cloud Risk assessment

How to detect suspicious activity in databases till information gets exported


As SearchInform releases Database Monitor we want to detail the way to use the DAM solution so that violating access rights and making changes to sensitive documents become transparent for those responsible for risk mitigation and data protection.

Database Confidential documents Personal data

The CIA and its major security incident


This year the processing of the court case considering the employee who breached the CIA's data in 2016 to WikiLeaks has been resumed

Employee monitoring Risk assessment Confidential documents

Monitoring solution in the cloud


According to the research conducted by SearchInform, each company detected a user attempt to take at least some corporate data, whereas only 26% controlled employee activity with the help of monitoring software.

Cloud Employee monitoring Risk management

Database access audit


The solution for protection of information stored in databases monitors data export and user requests and alerts to any change

Database Employee monitoring Confidential documents

To be applied... New apps, new laws


Will the privacy limits be reconsidered? Dedigitisation as utopia

Personal data Messengers, social media, apps Devices

How to measure the performance of remote and onsite employees


Going remote is a challenge, and work discipline might “shiver”. There is a chance that as soon as employees put on slippers and robes they will feel too comfortable and that will impact the quality of their performance.

Employee monitoring DLP Risk management

Reducing risks and staying alright


Providing your employees with guidance

Remote employees Employee monitoring User behavior

How do crisis and stress affect your team?


The need to transfer employees to remote work appeared to be one of the reasons to get stressed - businesses have to make such a transition to avoid losses and try to keep it going for as long as required.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Human factor

The ways companies risk security in a crisis: external threats


Pandemic, oil collapse, global economic crisis, there are enough reasons for concern in 2020. However, these are not the only factors that will influence businesses all over the world.

The ways companies risk security in a crisis: internal threats


According to the research by SearchInform, 100% of companies identified the attempts of employees to take corporate data during the first months of using the company’s services

The rise of virtual private networks


Everyone is well aware that criminals on the internet are becoming savvier every day.

Risk management Remote employees Confidential documents

Have companies managed to shift to remote work?


SearchInform has conducted a research on companies’ experience in shifting to remote work and keeping business processes going.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Risk management

Staying ahead of malware


With all the benefits that the worldwide connectivity of the Internet offers, so too come the vulnerabilities.

Risk management Confidential documents Risk assessment

Social engineering prevention


When cyber criminals target organizations, their target normally is people themselves, because they can be manipulated. 70 to 90 percent of data breaches occur as a result of social engineering.

Email Risk assessment Human factor

Server performance monitoring


In order for a website to operate, a database to be accessed from a distance, or e-mails to be facilitated, there must be a server to power this process.

Employee monitoring Risk management Internal audit

Common unethical business practices


We live in a world full of risks and individuals who are willing to do others harm when an opportunity for personal gain presents itself.

Employee monitoring Fraud Insider

As businesses keep staying remote. Use cases


Which instruments can be installed and how do they help?

Risk management Employee monitoring Remote employees

Software security and efficiency


With all of the programs the ordinary user has installed on his computer, users are frequently proposed to have a software update performed.

Remote employees DLP Employee monitoring

As businesses keep staying remote


The insight into key threats and brief reminder why you shouldn't set it loose.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Risk management

Setting up access to company files


Due to potential social engineering and the fact that many losses that companies suffer are related to employees, access control system installation is a major factor in ensuring company security.

Remote work: the way of the future?


Nobody would deny that the world is going digital. Like it or not, things are becoming ever more automated as technology facilitates business processes to an ever larger degree.

Remote employees Employee monitoring Productivity

Access control


We all know very well that companies have their secrets as to the way they operate and that companies are always interested in the state of their security and potential losses

Database DLP Internal audit

Compliance issues in the workplace


One of the ways that companies are gaining more success and reducing crime is through compliance issue management – compliance on all policy, in a broad spectrum of areas.

Compliance Risk assessment Risk management

Personal data protection


Despite the greater amount of opportunities and convenience that the Internet provides us, we also find ourselves vulnerable in the event that we fall victim to an Internet scams.

Risk management


No matter what you do in life, there are always risks. And this is a good thing, because without risk, there is no potential reward.

Risk management Risk assessment DLP

Social engineering attacks


With how connected the Internet is today, a lot of information that we couldn’t afford to share is potentially within the grasp of the most inventive malicious predators online.

Investigation Personal data Risk management

Risk management in healthcare


Our health information is a private issue. For a number of reasons, people’s health information being shared could result in negative consequences.

Employee monitoring Risk management Confidential documents

Project management tools


Project management software also provides us a range of benefits, from scheduling events to creating project plans, and there are certain methods and tools that, if taken into account, provide a multitude of benefits and evade numerous risks that make it worth obtaining

Employee monitoring Productivity User behavior

Employee time tracking


On both fronts, time tracking software stands to render the lives of employees and employers much easier.

Employee monitoring DLP Productivity

Employee monitoring software: is it illegal?


The first question one might ponder is: “Is it illegal to monitor employees’ computers?” The issue of employee monitoring has become a bit of a contested topic in recent years.

Employee monitoring Remote employees DLP

Have you got everything fixed?


Look at our brief reminder and maintain vigilance

Cloud DLP Employee monitoring

Indispensable services during lockdown


Solutions we use for remote working and industries we need for isolated living

Remote employees Cloud Devices

Remote work creates tendencies


Is your business among them?

Remote employees Cloud Productivity

Morrisons' implication has been ruled out


And the company might “set precedent”, according to The Telegraph

Employee monitoring Fraud Insider

Is there a safe way of using apps?


And what is more dangerous: spyware or mere negligence when using digital services?

Messengers, social media, apps Human factor User behavior

Five sectors that benefit most from employee monitoring software


Improvements in technology have radically changed the way we work

Employee monitoring Human factor Risk management

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