How to measure the performance of remote and onsite employees


Going remote is a challenge, and work discipline might “shiver”. There is a chance that as soon as employees put on slippers and robes they will feel too comfortable and that will impact the quality of their performance.

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Reducing risks and staying alright


Providing your employees with guidance

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How do crisis and stress affect your team?


The need to transfer employees to remote work appeared to be one of the reasons to get stressed - businesses have to make such a transition to avoid losses and try to keep it going for as long as required.

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The ways companies risk security in a crisis: external threats


Pandemic, oil collapse, global economic crisis, there are enough reasons for concern in 2020. However, these are not the only factors that will influence businesses all over the world.

The ways companies risk security in a crisis: internal threats


According to the research by SearchInform, 100% of companies identified the attempts of employees to take corporate data during the first months of using the company’s services

The rise of virtual private networks


Everyone is well aware that criminals on the internet are becoming savvier every day.

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Have companies managed to shift to remote work?


SearchInform has conducted a research on companies’ experience in shifting to remote work and keeping business processes going.

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Staying ahead of malware


With all the benefits that the worldwide connectivity of the Internet offers, so too come the vulnerabilities.

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Social engineering prevention


When cyber criminals target organizations, their target normally is people themselves, because they can be manipulated. 70 to 90 percent of data breaches occur as a result of social engineering.

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Server performance monitoring


In order for a website to operate, a database to be accessed from a distance, or e-mails to be facilitated, there must be a server to power this process.

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Common unethical business practices


We live in a world full of risks and individuals who are willing to do others harm when an opportunity for personal gain presents itself.

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As businesses keep staying remote. Use cases


Which instruments can be installed and how do they help?

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Software security and efficiency


With all of the programs the ordinary user has installed on his computer, users are frequently proposed to have a software update performed.

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As businesses keep staying remote


The insight into key threats and brief reminder why you shouldn't set it loose.

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Setting up access to company files


Due to potential social engineering and the fact that many losses that companies suffer are related to employees, access control system installation is a major factor in ensuring company security.

Remote work: the way of the future?


Nobody would deny that the world is going digital. Like it or not, things are becoming ever more automated as technology facilitates business processes to an ever larger degree.

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Access control


We all know very well that companies have their secrets as to the way they operate and that companies are always interested in the state of their security and potential losses

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Compliance issues in the workplace


One of the ways that companies are gaining more success and reducing crime is through compliance issue management – compliance on all policy, in a broad spectrum of areas.

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Personal data protection


Despite the greater amount of opportunities and convenience that the Internet provides us, we also find ourselves vulnerable in the event that we fall victim to an Internet scams.

Risk management


No matter what you do in life, there are always risks. And this is a good thing, because without risk, there is no potential reward.

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Social engineering attacks


With how connected the Internet is today, a lot of information that we couldn’t afford to share is potentially within the grasp of the most inventive malicious predators online.

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Risk management in healthcare


Our health information is a private issue. For a number of reasons, people’s health information being shared could result in negative consequences.

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Project management tools


Project management software also provides us a range of benefits, from scheduling events to creating project plans, and there are certain methods and tools that, if taken into account, provide a multitude of benefits and evade numerous risks that make it worth obtaining

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Employee time tracking


On both fronts, time tracking software stands to render the lives of employees and employers much easier.

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Employee monitoring software: is it illegal?


The first question one might ponder is: “Is it illegal to monitor employees’ computers?” The issue of employee monitoring has become a bit of a contested topic in recent years.

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Have you got everything fixed?


Look at our brief reminder and maintain vigilance

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Indispensable services during lockdown


Solutions we use for remote working and industries we need for isolated living

Remote employees Cloud Devices

Remote work creates tendencies


Is your business among them?

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Morrisons' implication has been ruled out


And the company might “set precedent”, according to The Telegraph

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Is there a safe way of using apps?


And what is more dangerous: spyware or mere negligence when using digital services?

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Five sectors that benefit most from employee monitoring software


Improvements in technology have radically changed the way we work

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