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Ledger hardware wallet breach echoes with phishing

The investigation into the Ledger compromised security case was launched after the data breach which dates back to June 25, 2020.


An entire database stolen, Microsoft hacked

People’s Energy company faces an overwhelming data exposure, Microsoft becomes another company tricked by hackers via SolarWinds in case the investigation proves it.


Agencies urged to disconnect SolarWinds Orion the massive exploit has been recently reported.


Should companies pay ransom? Is there a way out when you’re deprived of confidential data?

One of the world’s biggest plane makers got its data leaked.


South Koreans data was leaked by Facebook

Facebook is penalized by South Korea’s regulatory authority for divulging user data.

10/11, Agoda, Expedia Group, customer data impacted

Another misconfigured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket


U.S. city will pay the Office for Civil Rights $202,400

New Haven, Connecticut, didn’t deny access and left confidential health information available to a former employee.


A customer guessed a password

A customer guessed a WeWork shared user account password for employees


Aetna charged $1m for three data breaches under HIPAA

The HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has exacted a $1 million penalty from Aetna, U.S. health care insurance company.


Awareness doesn’t prevent from human factor

Employees keep opening emails even though they look like a phishing attack


Law firm exposes Google staffers' data

Form I-9 files comprising personal data got breached.


British Airways has been charged £20 million

British Airways have been charged £20 million instead of paying £183 million – the initial fine imposed by the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Shifting to the cloud

Almost half of IT companies shifted to the cloud during the lockdown


620 Maltese citizens have filed a claim

The company is reported to have breached GDPR.


Tesla factory sabotaged by employee

The company became aware of the incident last month.


Mayo Clinic clients’ data was accessed by a former employee

A former employee has compromised more than 1600 patient records.


The biggest GDPR fine in Germany

H&M will be charged €35.3 million – penalty imposed by the Data Protection Authority of Hamburg.


No ransom paid - no data saved

Personal data of students and employees got leaked.


Insiders in Shopify and patients records leaked by an employee

4000 patients records appeared to be exposed over the past few years.


Student data breach at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

BYOD might face some critics, as usage of personal devices led to a data breach.


93% IT leaders claimed outbound email led to data breach in the last year

538 senior specialists mitigating security risks took part in the survey.


Information security in small businesses demands owners' and execs' attention

Each third employee considers information security within a company an average or a massive issue.


Leaked on purpose

The Intel leakage was intentional, according to both Intel and ZDNet.


$3.86 million is an average expense when dealing with a data breach

500 organisations which experienced data breaches were studied during the survey.


Bribing an employee to compromise the company's security

A Nevada-based company's employee was bribed by a Russian fraudster to install a malware within the corporate network.


A 65% increase in phishing attacks

Agari reports results drawn from the company's recent survey covering the first half of 2020.


Enormous, but hidden Uber 2016 data breach goes public

The federal prosecutors of the US charged Uber’s former chief security officer, Joe Sullivan for his attempt to cover-up this massive breach.


ABC insider breach in major tech company in NY

Tyler C. King, a savvy man from Dallas, Texas was accused of computer fraud and aggravated identity theft.


Healthcare app, college students' data and other leaks

Patient details, telecom user data, low security level at a university - data breaches have already become frequent in the healthcare, telecom and education sectors.


The Twitter breach seems to be an insider job

Accounts were targeted on the 15th of July, and the investigation is ongoing.


Malaysian telco customer data breach

A syndicate was gaining profit from illegal charges for services provided to clients of different telecom companies who weren’t aware of making payment.


EU largest telecom affected in a ransomware attack

Bleeping computer detected and reported the breach


Dutch authority charges under GDPR

Dutch Data Protection Authority charges Dutch Credit Registration Bureau €830,000.


How to comply with the Bill effectively?

The Personal Data Protection Bill has been developed for three years already and requires attention to the issue of efficient compliance.


BMW and other car owners got their data breached

UK car owners got their data compromised. About half of a million car owners got their data exposed, the individuals including BMW, Hyundai, SEAT, Mercedes and Honda owners.


UniCredit is fined by Garante

The Italian Data Protection Authority, also known as “Garante” (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali) has imposed a fine on UniCredit institution.


A vulnerability in a WordPress plugin

Credit card "skimmerware" - can you tell if a virtual transaction is safe?


Massive email-targeted incidents only now being resolved

Ransomware scammers have enough time and dark web - enough space till launched investigations get carried out.


User data up for sale on the dark web

Pakistan and Indonesia got the data of patients and mobile users offered for a considerable sum


Tait Towers Manufacturing data compromised

The data breach has recently been announced by the gear provider


BEML sensitive data leaked

BEML, Indian defence contractor, couldn't protect internal documents from appearing on the dark web


Intricate fraud impacting Electrolux revealed

Electrolux, Solid Bridge got affected in BEC attacks.


7 million Indians got their data affected

BHIM (Bharat Interface Money), an Indian mobile payment app, put user personal data in jeopardy.


EasyJet to pay a major fine

Although the case is still being processed.


GDPR is brought to regulate personal matters

whereas a former contractor at Apple reveals Siri's ongoing wrongdoings


Security system provider faces lawsuits

Clients filed suits against the company's employees who allegedly spy on them via security cameras


Deloitte and IDES launch investigation

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance portal got briefly exposed after only one week of operating


Construction companies are dealing with cyber threats

The pandemic makes violators reactivate and invade the systems of companies helping healthcare during the lockdown


Digital Ocean platform data breach

Personal data breach was announced by the company


Aptoide user exposure, the new data leak in healthcare

Unauthorise access is a pressing problem for the healthcare industry which might only escalate amid the current situation.


NASA deals with the surge in phishing attacks

The pandemic topic keeps being exploited by the violators.


Most expensive GDPR cases yet to be settled

British Airways and Marriott keep being investigated by ICO under GDPR


Does GDPR have loopholes?

The Belgian Data Protection Authority published the litigation chamber’s decision showcasing the disputable situation


General Electric is dealing with a data breach

Canon Business Process Services which represents GE processes support had its email account comrpomised


Baidu has been mined for several months

By a senior engineer working at the Internet services giant


Virgin Media faces a leak

One of the most perfect companies has people to complain


Cathay Pacific gets fined

The Information Commissioner's Office makes the company pay £500 000 - the biggest possible Data Protection Act 1998 fine


Telecom companies will be dealing with substantial fines

T-Mobile and Verizon are among the telecommunications companies on the verge of a huge penalty


Global surveys emphasise the damage inflicted by insider leak

97% of IT specialists are sure that incidents due to an insider can have a big impact


Impressive numbers of government data breach

Government appears to be as likely to mishandle data as commercial and industrial organisations


Estée Lauder could have exposed 440 million records due to a database leak

Phishing and unprotected databases have become reasons for serious leakage this week


6.5 million voters' data compromised

6.5 million Israeli voters got their personal details leaked due to the lack of security measures.


Data Privacy Day

January 28 - Data Privacy Day


Microsoft Elasticsearch databases compromised

Details of 250 million customers were endangered due to poor configuration.


Mitsubishi Electric is dealing with a leakage case

Mitsubishi Electric reported the data breach which triggerred the company's attention in summer.


Data breach statistics according to infosec specialists

6 out of 10 businesses dealt with a data breach during the past three years


Addresses online, listening to calls, disgruntled employee

1000 New Year Honour recipients’ data exposed online, thousands of Skype calls listened to without security protection, a dismissed co-founder stole €1,1 million to revenge.


Amazon employees get dismissed

Amazon employees have been dismissed for leaking personal information of clients to a third party.

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